Eddie Kohler

I'm a graduate student at the MIT Laboratory for Computer Science. I'm also a dumbshit.

My group is Parallel & Distributed Operating Systems. My officemates are Max Poletto and David ``Snugglemuffin'' Mazières. My brother is von cool ass!

It was spring 1996, and I TAed a class: 6.033, Computer System Engineering. Woo woo webmastering!

Finger of doom

Five fake dreams in six short scenes

Five Fake Dreams in Six Short Scenes

Here are some programs I wrote.

xwrits   Xwrits reminds you to take wrist breaks for prevention of repetitive stress injuries. It pops up an X window when you should take a break; you click on the warning window, then take a break.

Xwrits's graphics are brightly colored pictures of a wrist and the attached hand. The wrist clenches and spreads ``as if in pain'' on the warning window, slumps relaxed during the break, and points forward valiantly when the break is over. It is trapped behind bars while the keyboard is locked. Other gestures are included.

To compile xwrits, you need an ANSI C compiler, such as gcc, and X11R4 or higher. It has been tested on many X11R4 and R5 platforms, and is available by anonymous ftp. The manual page is also available, formatted in HTML.

xzewd   Xzewd is a Motif interface to Athena's Zephyr message system. It is pastel colored, but configurable.

It's not very useful without the Athena environment, and Zephyr in particular, but I think it's pretty cool. The help pages for xzewd are available on the web. So is some helpful commentary.

The dork in the pictures was drawn by Max Lord. It's supposed to be me! (What I really look like.)

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Working Paper: ps/pdf
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