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NetBSD package, maintained by Dan McMahill

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Xwrits reminds you to take wrist breaks, which will hopefully help you prevent repetitive stress injury. It pops up an X window when you should rest; you click on that window, then take a break.

Xwrits's graphics are brightly colored pictures of a wrist and the attached hand. The wrist clenches and stretches “as if in pain” when you should rest, slumps relaxed during the break, and points forward valiantly when the break is over. It is trapped behind bars while the keyboard is locked. Other gestures are included.

Xwrits works on Unix systems (*BSD, Linux, Solaris, and so forth). Check out www.tifaq.org for Windows and Macintosh programs. To compile xwrits, you need an ANSI C compiler (such as gcc) and X11R4 or higher. It's been tested on many X11R4-6 platforms.

Recent changes. The current version is 2.26. The complete change log is available.

Bugs, suggestions, etc. If you report a bug, I will fix it. Suggestions and criticisms are more than welcome too. Send mail to ekohler@gmail.com.

Testimonials. As seen on TV! (Only I didn't see it myself, so I can't confirm, and according to my source, they said xwrits was a Mac screensaver (!??).)

“If there was a piece of software that determined what platform I used, besides emacs, it would be Xwrits, dude.”

Eddie Kohler, OK?