Eddie Kohler
Statement of Purpose
University of Washington

This is my second try at my statement of purpose for you twits. I am still working on Anne's piano teacher's advice which is just to sit down and give yourself a time limit and just write. I think Anne's piano teacher is stupid.

I have trouble thinking far into the future so plans are kind of sketchy but tomorrow I want to go to my aerobics p.e.

I also want to have a cat and a grand piano. And everyone should be happy and peaceful and like Shostakovich. But that probably won't happen. not even if you accept me into grad school.

I like your grad school more than all the others because of the skillful use of LaTeX in your course catalog. I mean seriosuly, get a life!!!!!! Computer Modern is for the birds!!!! Hire a graphic designer!!!!!!

Computer science is good because it has two words and I like both of them. I also like "butt" and "futz" but you have no degree in futz butt. I can't go into chemical engineering because the other edward kohler jr is in that and there is a Pauli edward kohler jr exclusion principle. It's bad enough that we're both at MIT at the same time. Sometimes i get stomach cramps thinking about it.

The Coffeehouse is closed. You care.

Please accept me *right now* or I will write another statement of purpose.

love, ed

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