formerly entitled “SUCK ME”

Hey, Check out some of the Boolean operators I know!!1!

  1. and
  2. or
  3. not

Done and a little silly
John Cage: Indeterminacy

Fun With Search Engines
Gil Synagogue Condom (5/22/2000; Success: 7/28/2000)
Thomer Lubrication Glove (5/22/2000; Success: 7/28/2000)
Thomer Vomit Visions Cologne (5/22/2000; Success: 7/28/2000)
Thomer's Sexual Milkshake (5/22/2000; Success: 7/28/2000)
Fishy Thomer Erotic Boutique (7/28/2000; Success: 11/21/2000)

Affiliated Experiment - Victim

[Thomer M. Gil]

Afartment 3-G
By Rebecca
( )

And Now In Color!
A Motivational Message
From The Same Source

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