Bad Picture

I’m a grad student at the MIT Lab for Computer Science in the Parallel & Distributed Operating Systems group, which is a dumb name. My favorite former officemate is Max Poletto. My favorite current officemates are David “Snugglemuffin” Mazières and Jinyang Li. My advisor is Frans Kaashoek; he’s cute. So’s his son! And also his other son.

My brother is cooler than me! Scroll down for more evidence.

Finger of doom
[Finger of doom!]

Hey, Check out some of the Boolean operators I know!!1!

  1. and
  2. or
  3. not

Here is a list of pictures of me: (In the better ones, you can look at other people instead, thank god)

  1. Artistic RenderingTM: Young and fresh
  2. Artistic RenderingTM: Attacked by bad hair
  3. Artistic RenderingTM: I have some string and also self-knowledge
  4. Love and blurriness (Note: the CDs in the background are alphabetized.)
  5. The halcyon days when we were all nose buddies and Josh’s hair was reasonable
  6. Janet Sonenberg of the New York Sonenbergs: “Now I want you to concentrate. Concentrate, and try to visualize NOT BEING ANNOYING” (Diego Penta fans: Just on the right you can see his ass!!)

And here is a list of ways I suck: (Fill in the blanks.)

Here is a picture of Clarke William Kohler at SUPERCAMP MA292 JULY 24 - AUG 3! Can you find him? It’s sort of like Where’s Waldo?, only he’s not stupid.

[Supercamp picture]

Would you like a hint? He is being bratty. (I learned from him. There are several photos of an MIT Grad Student Council retreat to Endicott House with me doing the same thing.)

Would you like another hint? (Back to normal!)

Would you like to be my boyfriend? No?? Well what good are you then!!

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