The Skin of our Teeth

Poster: White tabloid paper (17"x11"); color Xerox. Technical pen, watercolor, colored pencil; cropped photograph; type created in Adobe Illustrator and pasted in place. Photo: Jen Tsuei. Type: Monotype Garamond, Monotype Playbill.

In the photo: back row: Ivi Acuña as Sabina, David Dettmer as Henry Antrobus, Maribel Delfaus as Gladys Antrobus; front row: Richard Davis and Katie Leo as Mr. and Mrs. Antrobus.

When I was eight or nine, my mother subscribed to a decorating magazine. It always had a pineapple on the front, which I couldn’t understand. Mom told me that “the pineapple is the symbol of hospitality”. Our first house (391 Adams St., Holliston, MA 01746) had pineapple wallpaper covering the stairs and the second floor, where the bedrooms were.

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